Best Foot Forward

by Andreas Koller

This blog documents my design research while studying Information Experience Design at Royal College of Art. Keeping a research blog is an experiment and I don’t know if it works out, if my posts are worth reading and – most important – if I update the blog regularly with relevant content.

So hopefully this blog will contain:

  • summaries of books, articles and papers I read
  • reviews of lectures, workshops held at the RCA, films I’ve seen and events I’ve attended
  • essays on various topics in information design, interaction design, data visualisation, digital art, physical computing, Internet of Things, wayfinding, typography and graphic design
  • reviews of outstanding projects in these fields
  • lots of diagrams and sketches of ideas

With this blog I pursue the following goals:

  • to document my design research
  • to elaborate on topics where a tweet simply doesn’t provide enough space
  • to prepare for my dissertation
  • to strengthen my interest and motivation for digital art
  • to keep up to date with current developments but also to learn more about the history of the fields mentioned above
  • to enhance my written english, as it is not yet on a level I deem appropriate. Apologies at this point for some rather strange phrasing, hints for improvements are always welcome.

Additionally to this blog I tweet and keep a tumblr log that only collects inspirational images mainly from graphic design and typography and only acts as a source for aesthetic ideas.

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